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After more than 10 years in the business we are changing our name to make it easier for the uninitiated to find us, and know what we do . . . and what we do great! We make amplifiers, some of the coolest, best sounding, tube amps in the world. We hope to make Mahaffay Amplifiers synonymous with excellent, textured sound produced by the most discerning musicians.
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Mahaffay Amplifiers (formerly Songworks) Launches New Web Site

OK, so we make amps . . . great amps . . . not web sites, particularly not “great” web sites.

But we haven’t stopped trying.

As part of our “new identity” Mahaffay Amplifiers (formerly Songworks) has launched our new online marketplace and information resource (all right, web site), Hopefully this resolves some of the comments we received from our dedicated customers, like: “it looked like you did this site at 2:30 in the morning" and "is there some purpose to this web site or is it just aimless rambling?", or even “luckily your amps are better than your web site”. Some of the specific improvements:

  • Improved Layout – no longer home brewed, we actually paid for it this time (well barter counts right?)
  • Intuitive Navigation – The fact that we can now use this term intelligently gets us some credit, but visit us and you’ll see we really mean it.
  • Rich Product Information – Find out all the details of our outstanding products without making a phone call (we like to talk with you . . . really . . . but your time is precious).
  • Artist Spotlight – A “Who’s Who” of characters that use Mahaffay Amplifiers to make great music greater. We’ll feature the known and the unknown artist with the basic criteria being that they our products help them realize their artistic expression.

Our new web site is one more contribution to the new Mahaffay Amps. Great products and easy to do business with . . . let’s make great music together.

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