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After more than 10 years in the business we are changing our name to make it easier for the uninitiated to find us, and know what we do . . . and what we do great! We make amplifiers, some of the coolest, best sounding, tube amps in the world. We hope to make Mahaffay Amplifiers synonymous with excellent, textured sound produced by the most discerning musicians.
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Musical Circular

Now we know how many guitar players guard their secrets with everything from fuzzy focus videos to fake fingers, but MA (Mahaffay Amplifiers) needs you to share.

We love making incredible amps for all you jammers, and we read all the great mail you send letting us know how great our products perform for you. But we want you to resist the temptation for secrecy and remember that feeling you got when you bought a piece of gear, loved it and wanted to show off to everyone how you were using?

We want you to show off for us!

Partnering with this Tom guy is paying off.

The initial edition of the Musical Circular has been sent to all of our customers that provided email addresses when registering products or visiting our web site. You can access the current edition by clicking here.

Featured articles include:

  • Sound Matters – Links to the blog of our founder Tris Mahaffay
  • Tricks and Tips – Things you can do with Mahaffay Amplifiers products that are either not obvious, or that will void you warranty
  • Artist Updates – Who’s using our great stuff now

All in all, we’re pretty proud of this first edition (maybe we have low standards, but you be the judge).

Of course if you love it, please drop us a note to let us know. If you hate it, or just think it was a total waste of time and human energy, just keep that to yourself . . . and do something about that anger problem. After all, we just want to help you make great music!