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For over 10 years Mahaffayamps (formerly Songworks) has supplied very unique audio gear to the entire musical industry. For this we are very proud. As we are a very small home-based business, please remember we are only available for contact 8am-5pm weekends. The shop is closed during normal working hours. We thank you for visiting us and look forward to talking to you very soon!
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Mahaffay Amplifier News


Songworks is now Mahaffay Amplifiers

For those of you that found us and ordered our products over the past decade we would like to say thank you.

Thank you for your loyalty. Thank you for your word of mouth advertising (which was about all we could afford). And, thank you for your patience, since being such a small shop often led to longer delays than we would have liked. But most of all, thank you for helping us realize that if you build a better mousetrap, the world will truly beat a path to your door.

After more than 10 years in the business we are changing our name to make it easier for the uninitiated to find us, and know what we do . . . and what we do great! We make amplifiers, some of the coolest, best sounding, tube amps in the world. We hope to make Mahaffay Amplifiers synonymous with excellent, textured sound produced by the most discerning musicians.

The major reason for the name change is to establish a new start . . . a re-launch to celebrate significant changes that are being put in place to better serve our customers. Our goal in reshaping our company is to build on the strengths of our past - our fantastic amplifiers - and institute modern business practices to make doing business with us as great an experience as plugging into one of our amplifiers for the first time! Improvements you will see include:

  • A new web site to assure the latest product information and announcements are readily available (including special offers)
  • A new partnership that brings management skills in-house (and funding . . .) that will enhance customer service, improve delivery time and solidify overall company performance
  • An online newsletter to provide the latest updates on what the company is doing and who's doing what with our products

After over 10 years in the amplifier business, Soungworks is making way for Mahaffay Amplifiers. Our promise to you is that this change will not affect the quality of our exceptional products, but rather a change for the better in many other aspects that will make us one of your favorite musical partners.