Little Lanilei 1/4 watt Tube Recording Amplifier


The little hand made amplifier comes factory stock with the Mahaffay heavy duty proprietary 6 1/2� speaker. And features hand assembled point to point construction.  Hand assembled circuit's feature one Ecc82 and one Ecc83s tubes driving a small output transformer to the internal speaker.  The Little Lanilei 1/4 Watt answers the guitarists call for a small practice and/ recording amplifier that is all tube. This little amp is feature packed most everything you would need for low level practice or recording. 

Product Specs:

The ¼ Watt also features the Mahaffay heavy duty hand made 6 1/2� speaker. The hand assembled circuits feature one Ecc82 tube and one Ecc83s tube. The whole unit measures only 8" x 8" x 7" at 10lbs.

The Little Lanilei 1/4 watt amp consists of a hi-gain preamp (1st knob above the input jack) using one Ecc82 preamp tube and one Ecc83s tube for a total of four stages of gain. The tone circuit (2nd knob) is a wide ratio passive tone control capable of crisp tone, kind of like a Fender Tele through a Twin or big warm lows more reminiscent of a Les Paul into a Marshall 4x12. Because of the amps very unique design tube life should last 5 years with out changing.

Little Lanilei also features a line out jack, which is pre master volume (3rd knob) so can turn down its own speaker and not affect the "line direct" level when recording directly to the board. The optional line out/channel insert (tip-ring sleeve) can also be used for a loop to a multi effects processor and/or into a power amp. There is also a 3 way switch (foot switchable - foot switch not included) gain selector to change modes for different tonal balance.

No other amp can give you "power tube" type tone from a whisper to any volume. That's a BIG statement, but have you even wondered why when listening to your favorite guitar player on your stereo, even if you turn the volume down the sound your hearing is still huge? That's part of the idea in the Little Lanilei design. No one gives as much attention to low volume tone as well as high volume tone as we do.

Mahaffay Amps has effectively recreated (in miniature) most all of the unique characteristics of power tube distortion, from slight overdrive to a silky compressed grind to beautiful bell tones.

You'll be amazed by its accuracy and its sensitivity to your touch. With this design you can get the same tone at any volume, either running through the amp's own 6 1/2� speaker or out to a 4x12 cabinet, or even better the Little Lanilei Rotary Wave for true Doppler chorus.

Simply put, Little Lanilei Tube Amp's let you practice, jam or record with the same intensity as with your big amp, all this in an small, super lightweight box.

FAQs ¼ Watt :

How does the Little Lanilei 1/4 Watt work?  

The Little Lanilei was designed to recreate the warm tube tone of an �all-tube amp� by controlling all electrical parameters on the circuit. We have essentially been able to achieve this in a very small light weight package. You will NOT hear the thin preamp tube tone buzz we have all been subject to from other amplifiers. The first tube handles all of the gain/tone portion of your audio signal, the second tube is driving a small output transformer to the speaker. 

Is there a power tube?  

YES. the Little Lanilei amp is using the last stage of Ecc83s as a power tube. The Ecc83s �power tube� is driving a small output transformer to the internal custom made 6 ½� speaker 

What does it sound like? 

Our inspiration was a Marshall 50 watt Plexi and a Fender Bassman mix. We have been modifying amps for years and wanted to have a practice amp that sounded like the big amps.  

How loud is 1/4 watt?  

A good example of 1/4 watt of power in this amp is how loud most people normally speak. Its perfect for bed room/studio use. You can get the VH 1 or Hendrix vibe at a level that the kids can be asleep in the next room and I won't wake them. The little amp also has a master for total control of volume level. 

Can I drive extra cabinets?  

Yes, you can drive any cabinet (8-16 ohm )

Can I drive a 4x12?  

Yes, easily. 

Can I drive head phones  


Why does this amp have such low power? 

For years we have been building this circuit into our other line of amps. We call it �amp in an amp design� . There has always been a lot of interest in a very low power all tube amp. We have been building them for over 10 years. If you want more of the same incredible tone at club or concert level try the other line of Lanilei Amps. They have the unique addition of an internal power soak driving into a solid state booster, this provides the same tone at earth shattering volume levels or turned down to a whisper. No one spends as much time with hi or low level tone as we do. 

Why did you use the 12ua7 and Ecc83s tubes, can I use my own tubes?  

The "ECC" series tubes are readily available and cheep. Yes, you can use your own tubes but I have found the perfect combination of these two tubes to be the best at low noise and high gain usage. You are welcome to try your own tubes. 

What is so unique about the 6 ½� speaker?  

The Little hand made driver was developed to achieve a full spectrum of tone from warm lows to crisp highs. For over 10 years we have been perfecting this speaker design.

Where is the amp made?

The amp is made right here in San Juan Capistrano, CA.

Price: $369


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Little Lanilei 1/4 Watt in Use