The Little Lanilei 3350LT


The Little Lanilei 3350LT has all the features of a big amp and practice amp built into one.

It can be used for gigging at a fraction of the cost and weight of a full-sized combo amp. What gigs can't be done with the little 6 ½" speaker can be done with an extra cabinet for sure. You can drive a 4x12 cabinet at stage volume.

And . . . with the 3350LT's unique master volume control, ANY volume level of tube overdrive can be used . Perfect for jamming late at night when everyone else in the house is asleep.

This amp features total selectivity from whisper quiet bedroom level to 33/50 watt mega power.

Product Specs:

The 3350LT also features the Mahaffay Amps heavy duty hand made 6 1/2� speaker. The hand assembled circuits feature one Ecc82 tube and one Ecc83s tube. The whole unit measures only 8" x 8" x 7" at 10lbs. Think of it! A 33/50 watt combo barely bigger than a 6-pack of beer and power full enough to blast you into smithereens!!!

The 3350LT molds Mahaffay Amps popular 33 watt high gain and the 50 watt version. With superior sound and lightweight portability, the 3350LT can be used for any instrument.

The 3350LT model has the classic beige grill with the Lanilei logo in 16 color embroider

The Little Lanilei 3350LT watt amp consists of a hi-gain preamp (1st knob above the input jack) using one Ecc82 preamp tube and one Ecc83s tube for a total of four stages of gain. The tone circuit (2nd knob) is a wide ratio passive tone control capable of crisp tone, kind of like a Fender Tele through a Twin or big warm lows more reminiscent of a Les Paul into a Marshall 4x12. Because of the amps very unique design tube life should last 5 years with out changing. The output stage (3rd knob) controls a differential bi-polar power amp. It yields a mere 1/4 watt all the way to 33 or 50 watts into 6 1/2� Speaker . Little Lanilei also features a line out jack, which is pre master volume (3rd knob) so can turn down its own speaker and not affect the "line direct" level when recording directly to the board. The optional line out/channel insert (tip-ring sleeve) can also be used for a loop to a multi effects processor and/or into a power amp. There is also a 3 way switch (foot switchable - foot switch not included) gain selector to change modes for different tonal balance.

No other amp can give you "power tube" type tone from a whisper to any volume. That's a BIG statement, but have you even wondered why when listening to your favorite guitar player on your stereo, even if you turn the volume down the sound your hearing is still huge? That's part of the idea in the Little Lanilei design. No one gives as much attention to low volume tone as well as high volume tone as we do.

Mahaffay Amps has effectively recreated in miniature most all of the unique characteristics of power tube distortion, from slight overdrive to a silky compressed grind to beautiful bell tones.

You'll be amazed by its accuracy and its sensitivity to your touch. With this design you can get the same tone at any volume, either running through the amp's own 6 1/2� speaker or out to a 4x12 cabinet, or even better the Little Lanilei Rotary Wave for true Doppler chorus. The 3350LT has more than enough power to handle many club gigs. It is a powerful amp head with a incredible speaker, that will last you a life time. The external output jack can be used for headphone but be very careful of the volume control, a lower setting of about 1 is more than enough. Or back down to 1/4 watt mode for whisper quiet operation.

Simply put, Little Lanilei Tube Amp's let you rehearse with the same intensity as with your big amp, all this in an small, super lightweight box.

FAQs 3350 LT --What you need to know!

Why would I buy this amp?


How does my 3350LT work?

Your new little amp was design to recreate the warm tube tone of an �all tube amp.� By controlling all electrical parameters on the circuit Mahaffay Amps has achieved this very sought after tone in a very small light weight package. You will NOT hear the thin preamp tube tone buzz we have all been subject to from other amplifiers. It has been removed with this design. Mahaffay Amps literally used a switch box to listen a/b style until they got it right. Most concert level systems consist of the player's favorite amp run into some sort of load device then into an external power section to drive the speakers. The 3350LT works the very same way.

Are there power tubes?

Yes and No. The little amp's final Ecc83s tube is actually operating as a power amp (a mere 1/4 watt). It is sent to a load resistor (or soak) then to the power stage. You can go 3-5 years with out worrying about any tube replacement. Even slight wall voltage imperfections will not effect the tonality. The Little Lanilei 3350LT is all tube.

What does it sound like?

The inspiration was a Marshall 50 watt Plexi and a Fender Bassman . Mahaffay Amps has been modifying amps for years and wanted to have a practice amp that sounded like The big amps. The best way to describe it is if you had your favorite tube amp set up this way: Amp, Dummy Load, EQ, Power section, Speakers.

Can you get low level tube tone too?

Yes, absolutely. Because all the tube tone is in the tubes you can adjust the level from a soft whisper all the way to a loud giggable volume level.

Can I drive extra cabinets?

Yes, you can drive any cabinet(s) 8-16 ohm

Can I drive a 4x12?

Yes, as a mater of fact, you can drive up to two 4x12�s! WOW!!!

Isn't that kind of power too much for the little 6 ½� driver in side the amp?

No, Mahaffay Amps have had this speaker in the amp for 10 years with little to no known failures. In most cases you really don't need to drive the internal speaker all that loud , it cuts right thought the mix beautifully.

Why did you make the amp so powerful?

To use the type of output power design needed, it didn't make sense to economize by cutting the power down.

Why did you use the 12ua7 and Ecc83s tubes , can I use my own tubes?

Yes, however, Mahaffay Amps has found the perfect combination of these two tubes to be the best at low noise and high gain usage. You are welcome to try your own tubes.

How does the effect loop work with only one jack?

The effects loop uses the TRS type of cable, this means TIP, RING, SLEEVE, you can Purchase the Hosa part number STP-201, most music stores in the pro audio department. The style of cable is also called a channel insert cable.

Can I use my pedal effects/stomp boxes in the effects loop?

No, the loop is only designed for +4 db pro audio effects processors.

Where is the amp made?

The amp is made in San Juan Capistrano Ca. Each amp is built just for you!

The Tube circuitry is wired point to point. There are no IC's or hybrid chips used.

Special Thanks

A special thanks go out to COULON J�r�mie on the Little Lanilei 3350LT amp demo - nice job!
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Price: $449


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