HiLo Watt Plexi


If you like the classic sound of an old Plexi but dont want to sell your mother to get one, this little amp will get you there and its portable. (your mom will like that too)

This is an industry first! Shrinking a true giant into the portable and affordable size. If you have had the pleasure of experiencing a full blown plexi cranked to 10,  I dont have to tell you its fricken insane!! But the fact is, its too loud for most (all) situations. You have to do all sorts of external power reducing (and expensive BTW) tricks to even get into the ball park of being truly usable in a gigging or recording/practice situation. Until now!!

The HiLo Watt Plexi was deigned to copy the sound of a full blown variac Marshall cranked to 10 but a controllable and usable level.

What if you could get real old Plexi type tone, and take it anywhere from a hotel, plane, ship car , space craft or recording studio or stage? Early Zep?  AC/DC?  Bad Company? Priest? UFO? Is any of this ringing a bell? You can use it as a practice/recording amp or performing amp. Incredible tone!

Product Specifications


How does the HiLo Watt Plexi work?

The new amp was designed  to recreate the warm tube tone of a classic plexi amp. By controlling all electrical parameters on the circuit I have essentially been able to achieve this very sought after tone in a very small and light weight package. You simply will not believe your ears.

Are there power tubes?

Yes and No, the  amps final Ecc83s tube is actually operating as a power amp (a mere 1/4 watt) . It is sent to a load resistor (or soak) then to the clean boost power stage. You can go years with out worrying about any tube replacement. Even slight wall voltage imperfections will not effect the tonality. Tube matching , re biasing, blown transformers, bla bla bla ....ALL a thing of the past.

What does it sound like?

My inspiration was my Marshall 50 watt, with a speaker load boxed plugged into a Variac running at about 80vac on the line, driving a single Marshall 4x12 cab with real vintage 25 watt Celestions This give us a very nice spongy ,honk type of tone. Slightly compressed and very articulated to your touch. It RIPS!!

Can you get low level tube distortion / overdrive tone too?

Yes, absolutely.  Because all tube distortion and overdrive is in the tube circuit you can adjust the level from a soft whisper all the way to a very loud gig-able volume level.

Can I drive extra cabinets?

Yes, you can drive any cabinets) 8-16 ohm

Can I drive a 4x12?

As a mater of fact, you can drive up to 2 4x12's! 

Is 33 watts enough power?

For amp that is only 8"x8"x7"  YES!  Most players never use the full output potential of their amps. I have found that 33 watts is the perfect power needed to play most anywhere.

Why did you use the Ecc82 and Ecc83s, can I use my own tubes?

Yes, however I have found the perfect combination of these two tubes to be the best at low noise and high gain usage. You are welcome to try your own tubes.

How does the effect loops work with only one jack?

The effects loop uses the TRS type of cable, this means TIP, RING, SLEEVE, you can purchase the Hosa part number STP-201, most music stores in the pro audio department. The style of cable I also called a channel insert cable.

Can I use my pedal effects/stomp boxes in the effects loop?

The loop is only for +4 db pro audio effects processors. We will be launching an optional gain-balancing device for stomp boxes soon � stay tuned!

Where is the amp made?

The amp is made right here in San Juan Capistrano CA

Price: $449


Product Demos

Video Sample:
HiLo Watt Plexi in Use